About Hair Transplant

Before you give up and start thinking about living with baldness, think about your dream of having a healthy head of normal, natural hair. Visit a hair treatment expert to know about the latest hair treatment methods i.e. hair transplant. Gone are the days when hair loss treatments such as hair transplants were looked down upon and considered to be a painful process. Modern innovations in hair transplantation methods have made it possible for you too to also get back the hair that you want so badly.  Hair transplantation is a procedure in which the new hair is transplanted where the old hair has begun to fall out.  This treatment can be used for anyone at any age.

Hair transplant is one of the most reliable means of dealing with alopecia today. Why wear wigs, scarves and think of painful hair plugs when can have real hair growing back on your head?  Innovative hair transplant methods in India can treat almost all kinds of hair loss such as hair loss caused because of

  • Androgenetic Alopecia
  • Alopecia areata
  • Triangular alopecia
  • Diffuse alopecia
  • Trauma induced Alopecia
  • Medical conditions

Hair Restoration

Millions of men and women around the under are fully aware of the effect that hair fall has on their lives. The shock, sadness, and blow to the self-image is never good experience to have. Fortunately we live in a day and age when armed with powerful tools, knowledge and better understanding of how the hair cycle works and reacts, dermato-trichologist are able to use introduce new and more effect hair fall treatments to get rid of the debilitating problem of hair loss.

Most of us think hair loss is limited to ageing men (uncles as they are teased) but women and children can also face the problem.  We all know and understand that some amount of hair loss is part of the normal growth and replacement cycle of our body.  Hair loss happens when this normal cycle gets disrupted.

Male Hair Transplant

For men, nothing is more horrific than a sight of receding hair line. Most men are very self-conscious about losing their hair. It is seen as a sign of mortality and a threat to the confidence and often something, which they are not ready to talk about at any time. However the established fact that 2/3rd of the men around the world in their early 30s will start to see some hair thinning.

If you also fall in this category and thinning on top and going bald is really making you desperate for a treatment that can bring back the healthy locks then a hair transplant can help you bring back the fuller head of hair.  Hair transplants have been in vogue since the 1950s and the treatment procedures have come a long way from being a painful and length procedure. The results of hair transplant techniques used in India give the most natural looking results.  In India, more and more high profile male celebrities are embracing hair transplant procedures successfully.


Beard transplant is very suitable for people who desire to grow a beard, but are not able to or for those who already have a beard but the hair in the beard are shedding or thinning and bald patches have started to appear. Beard transplant is done for many reasons such as poor body health, poor eating habits, genetic reasons, burns etc. The beard transplant in Mumbai is a type of body hair transplant in India method that transplants that takes the hair from the scalp and transplants it in the beard, moustache or the side burns too. Beard transplant in Mumbai can reconstruct new beard or enhance the existing beard or even be used to cover the scars and indications of other injuries.

The area at the back of the scalp is known as the donor zone as hair in this area are less prone to hair loss and are easy to use for body hair transplant. In case if scalp hair is not enough, then the hair from other parts of the body are used. The body hair transplant surgeon will explain you in detail about how the process of beard transplant in Mumbai works and you must always keep in mind that the transplanted hair will fall down after a few days but will grow back in about three weeks so you don’t have to worry. With beard transplant in Mumbai you can get the design, cut and size of the beard that you always wanted.


Eyebrows not only protect our beautiful eyes but they also enhance the beauty of the eyes and the visual impact of the entire face. Perfectly shaped eyebrows add to your personality.  The brows are the most expressive feature of the face and it has taken as the base reference for setting the angles and contour of the face.  However not all people are blessed with healthy naturally shaped thick eyebrows.

Gone are the times when thin eyebrows were the fashion statement.  The eyebrow trend has changed and although there is no ‘ideal’ brow the trend still leans towards natural looking brows that are not too busy or just a pencil arch. Thanks to the availability of modern day eyebrow transplants, thin or missing eyebrows can be grown in to perfectly arched, symmetrical eyebrows that complement the fact.


Seborrheic dermatitis is also known as seborrheic eczema. It is a chronic skin condition that can damage the hair follicles and slow down hair growth. It is a fungal disease which causes excessive sebum production by the sebaceous glands.

Patients face hair loss because of seborrheic dermatitis because the increase sebum production cause inflammation on the scalp and hinders the normal functioning of the hair follicles. This causes irritation, redness and itching in the affected area. This itching and inflammation leads top premature hair loss.


Hair loss is a very common side effect of chemotherapy and among the many patients who have been reviewed most of them have confirmed that it is one of the most crippling side effects of cancer treatment. Various cancer treatments such as chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and stem cell transplants use powerful drugs and medications that attack the growing cancer cells in the body. Some recent studies have shown that over 75.6% of patients who underwent chemotherapy suffered from permanent or temporary alopecia.


One of the most embarrassing things for a man to hear is ‘Oh he does not hair on is head, he is growing old.’ For the modern male, the ability to maintain a hair full of scalp is often associated as a sign of masculinity. Early signs of hair loss such as a receding hairline or a bald patch on the scalp results in emotional trauma of being called ‘uncle’ even by your peers.  No man likes being judged for his lack of hair and for this reason, we offer body hair transplantation treatment in India for men looking to rein in the hair loss and regain their masculinity and ultimately their confidence.

Body hair transplant in India essentially means using hair from the other parts of the body and transplanting them on the scalp. 


Men and women with receding hairline attempt to do many things such as combing their hair forward, or getting them cut in bangs (women) or simply try to use makeup to get cover the receding hairline. But these solutions usually don’t work and anybody can make out that you are attempting to disguise the balding and you end up feeling embarrassed about the balding areas. Hairline reconstruction treatment in India can help you get the ideal hairline to suit your age and face type. A healthy frontal hairline is the single most important feature that can make your face look ageless.  The hairline speaks a lot about our attractiveness and vitality.


Eyelashes are a prominent feature of the face and they deserve same attention and care that you give to the rest of your body. Unfortunately not all of us are blessed with the perfect eyelashes and often tend to skip the ‘care’ part of the lashes. The good news is that with eyelash hair transplant at The Esthetic Clinics India can help you get healthy eyelashes that will add definition to the eyes.

The eyes are the windows of the soul and the eyelashes are the frames that protect those souls.  Eyelids help protect our eyes and keep the debris, dust and other particles that might harm the eyes and hamper the normal vision. The hair on eyelashes also goes through the regular hair growth phase just like the hair on the scalp.