What is Cosmetic Dentistry?

In simple words, cosmetic dentistry in Vadodara is any type of dental work done with the sole aim of improving the appearance of teeth, gum, and bite and smile designing. Cosmetic Dentistry focuses on improving the alignment, size, shape, and colour of the gums and teeth of the patient. However the benefits of cosmetic dentistry does not focus solely on ‘how it looks’ it also helps in

  • Enhancing the oral function, i.e. you will be able to eat better!
  • Promoting oral hygiene; your teeth will be stronger and gums healthy.
  • Improving oral health, i.e. you will have fewer dental problems in future.

A better smile is one of the prime results of aesthetic dentistry. An attractive smile is an important confidence boosting element when interacting with people or even taking a selfie. And nobody can deny the importance of a good simile in healthy relationships.

What makes The shsmi esthetic center Special?

The Shsmi Esthetic Center is one of the first plastic surgery and dental surgery clinics in India that provides all treatments under one roof. Commitment to excellence in every aspect of our work has made us the leading authority on cosmetic dentistry. We use only the best materials, highest rated technology available anywhere else in the world today.

We practice a pain free dentistry combined with a complete esthetic consultation. We have the best dental surgeons who make it is priority to work with our patients to help them make an informed decision about the treatment plan.

A cosmetic dental makeover in one of the best dental clinics in Vadodara, The Shsmi Esthetic Center will provide you with the naturally attractive and enhanced smile that compliments the glow in your eyes and what you have always been wishing for. Our top dentists work hand in hand with maxillofacial surgeons, plastic surgeons, cosmetic surgeons, and dermatologists to ensure that your facial transformation does not look incomplete in any way. Our dental surgeons in Vadodara and their team of expert dental technicians work in accordance with the patient’s requirements in order to design their dream smile.

Top dental clinics in Vadodara like The Shsmi Esthetic Center have a dedicated team of best dental surgeons that work in tandem to ensure that the functionality and esthetics of the teeth and gums are improved. For example if you want to have teeth straightening done then the cosmetic doctor will consult with the orthodontist to create the best results by ideally positioning the teeth and reducing the need of tooth reduction. The dental surgeon will also be consulted to make sure that gum surgery is done as the right time and an implant specialist will give his advice to ensure that the tooth position is ideal to receive any implants if necessary.
  • Nervous about dental surgery? Don’t be, all our best Shsmi Esthetic Center in Vadodara are specially designed to create a calm and relaxing environment for all our patients.
  • Bespoke your smile: We use the latest computer CAD/ CAM based techniques that are used to create your ideal smile. Our interactive imaging software will design and stimulate the ideal smile before we even touch a tooth.
  • No surprises later: Our dental doctors create a 3D preview model, which will give you an idea of the final result. You can give your feedback at every stage of the creating.
  • Treatments that are kind to the teeth: Don’t worry we will not hurt or damage your teeth in any way. The Shsmi Esthetic Center uses conservative cosmetic dentistry techniques so that we can give radical results without prolonging the treatment and by keeping it minimally invasive.
  • Stress free esthetics: From the moment you walk into our clinic we strive to make your experience as comfortable as possible.
  • We work on dental health and beauty: It is not about just perfecting the teeth and smile but to be confident you also need a lasting health of teeth, gum, and freshness of breath. We will work with you on your dental health so that your smile stays good for many years to come.
  • First class service: Express service, flexible finance options, online and offline flexible appointments and assistance in travel arrangement, we will do everything to make the experience as seamless as possible.

Modern Dentistry is What We Practice

Rated as one of the top dental clinic in Vadodara, The Shsmi Esthetic Center uses modern cosmetic dentistry to alleviate all your fears of going to the dentist. Best dentists in our Shsmi Esthetic Center, stay a step ahead with the contemporary treatments and technical innovations so that you feel safe, calm and happy during the entire treatment and during follow-ups too.

The cosmetic dentistry practices at The Shsmi Esthetic Center, Vadodara can help you overcome various dental problems such as discoloured tooth, crowded teeth, cracked and chipped teeth, irregular teeth shape, gum lines, narrow smile, gaps in teeth etc. The popular procedures available at Shsmi Esthetic Center include:

General Dentistry

The area of general dentistry includes treatment plans designed by top dental surgeons in Vadodara to help you regain and maintain an optimal oral health especially if you have recently been fighting gum disease and tooth decay. These include

  • Deep cleaning: Best dental doctors in Shsmi Esthetic Center perform deep cleaning to ensure that the harmful plaque, tartar and bacteria and particles lodged in the teeth are eliminated and thus keeping the harmful bacteria at bay.
  • Fillings: These are done to reduce the damage done by tooth decay. Fillings at best Shsmi Esthetic Center in Vadodara are done when there is extreme tooth decay and damage to the external cover of the tooth. Best dental surgeons in our Shsmi Esthetic Center perform fillings in such a way that there is no difference in tooth colour.
  • Root canal treatments or the RCT: Shsmi Esthetic Center in Vadodara use the modern single sitting root canal treatments to remove all the infection from the core of the teeth and repair the area. There is no need to go in for the multiple sittings anymore.
  • Broken teeth treatment: A broken tooth causes both cosmetic and functional concerns. It should be repaired immediately.