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Follicular hair

In the past, hair loss and a noticeably bald scalp bought forward the images of embarrassing toupees and wigs and hair plugs that made the head look like doll’s head. Modern advancements in hair replacements and the glowing testimonials from people have undergone hair transplantation have made the surgery an attractive option to regain the lost hair.  If you are one the millions of people who suffer from hair loss and have probably tried homemade remedies, pills and potions recommended by friends, gadgets and what not and have come to realize that they didn’t work or have temporary results than they are not worth the investment of time and money. But don’t give up yet,  permanent hair transplantation remedies like the Follicular Unit Transplant can bring you a lot of relief.

Many men and women have to deal with the premature hair loss at some point in their lives and before they go into the despair  it is important to know that the hair transplant gives them the opportunity to get the hair back and look and feel good again. Hair transplantation can be used to treat all kinds of alopecia and the receding hairlines.

Follicular Unit Extraction

Hair everywhere but not on the top of the head! The most common indication of excessive hair fall in men and women is the top of the head. In men alopecia is characterized by balding spots on the top of the scalp and in women it is recognized by increased parting size and recession of hairline. Hair plays an important role in defining our personality, identity how we look at ourselves. Hair loss can be a devastating experience and often leads to loss in self-esteem, depression, and withdrawal from society.  Modern hair restoration treatments make a better choice than the traditional treatments that were invasive and often did not give the desired results.

ADvanced techniques.


The Punch Hair Matic Hair Robot is the third generation of hair transplantation device, developed for automated Follicular Unit Extraction technique (F.U.E) with precise micro grafting surgery.

The PUNCH HAIR MATIC is a patented robot using micro-instruments to remove follicular units, which makes surgery simpler, faster, and less debilitating for the patient, with more convincing aesthetic results.


Hair cloning is the most recent experimental advancement in hair replacement procedures. The process involves isolating a group of cells at the base of the hair follicle – the living part of hair rooted in the skin. These follicular cells are multiplied in a laboratory, they can then be implanted back into the donor’s scalp where they divide to create new follicles and generate new hair.

Researchers have been working on finding the exact process for several years now and they predict that they will be able to make this option available to patients in about 10 years. In addition to addressing the process of hair replacement, it also gives some very interesting statistics. This research is very important because it may eventually lead to a time when, through some procedures, people who suffer from hair loss will be able to grow a full head of hair again.