Best Hair Loss Treatment: Expert Solutions and Prevention Strategies

hair loss treatment

Hair Loss Treatment and Prevention

Hair loss is a common issue that affects people of all ages and genders in India as well as other parts of the world. There are various reasons for hair loss, including age, using inappropriate hair products, and even some health conditions.

To maintain strong, voluminous, and healthy hair, proper hair care routines are important. Getting immediate professional help from a hair treatment clinic as soon as you notice abnormal hair loss may also help prevent further damage. Read on to find out about some effective hair loss treatments and prevention strategies.

Hair Loss Prevention Strategies

As they say, prevention is better than cure. So before we dive into the various hair loss treatment options you can find in Vadodara and other cities, let’s take a look at some hair loss prevention strategies:

  • Maintaining a Proper Hair Care Routine: This is the number one strategy to grow and maintain voluminous and healthy hair. Set aside specific days when you regularly cleanse and treat your hair, and ensure you keep it moisturized.
  • Using Proper Hair Care Products: One of the major causes of hair loss is using products that are not formulated for your specific kind of hair. It is important to first know your hair type to know what products work best for it.
  • Maintaining a Balanced Diet: Hair, like any other organ in the body, needs essential minerals and vitamins to remain healthy. Make sure your diet incorporates all the nutrients that fuel the growth and health of your hair. Include different fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, and essential fatty acids. Minerals such as biotin, vitamin D, zinc, and iron are particularly crucial in maintaining good hair health.
  • Avoid Damaging Hairstyles: Harsh hairstyles that pull on the hair cause hair thinning and eventually lead to hair falling off and hair loss. Instead of these hairstyles, stick to protective hairstyles that are gentle and promote hair growth.
  • Managing Stress: Stress has been proven to be a contributing factor to hair loss. You can indulge in various activities that help with stress management, such as exercising, yoga, meditation, and hobbies that relax your mind to prevent hair loss.

Hair Loss Treatment Options

There are various hair loss treatment options that you can be prescribed at Shsmi Esthetic Center, depending on the specific cause of hair loss. These treatments include:

  • Minoxidil: Probably one of the first lines of medication to treat hair loss. It is easily available over the counter and can be used even without a specialist’s prescription. It works by increasing blood flow in the scalp and to the hair follicles to stimulate hair growth and slow down hair loss. You can find it in liquid or foam form.
  • Finasteride: An oral medication mainly prescribed for men. It slows hair loss and promotes hair growth by inhibiting the production of hormones linked to male pattern baldness (dihydrotestosterone (DHT)). It is important to consult a professional for the best advice before using this treatment to understand the benefits and potential side effects.
  • Hair Transplants: An option for those with severe hair loss. During this procedure, hair follicles are extracted from a part of the scalp with healthy hair, usually the back of the scalp, and transplanted to the balding area. Results start to be seen after a couple of months as the transplanted follicles continue to grow.

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